Getting People excited

We create experiences. We have been developing, planning and designing visitor centers, exhibitions, compelling places and experiences for more than 15 years. What’s driving us is the conviction that you can turn any subject into an exciting and rich experience.

Emotions and excitement are indispensable if people are to engage actively with a subject, brand or product. We won’t rest until we have ignited that spark in visitors. Our client’s success springs from creative ideas and surprising solutions.

Innovation and Emotion

Three-dimensional communication begins with interest and curiosity. Only when spaces and exhibits cast a spell on visitors will they be remembered durably. The art of scenography is to combine innovation and emotion attractively to create a lasting impression.

Presenting abstract subjects to make them graspable is one of our key activities. Presenting complex contents understandably and in ways that appeal to all senses comes naturally to us, no matter whether we are creating experiences for an audience of experts, employees, families or children.

Agency and Team of Experts

Scenographers, engineers, designers and architects work together closely in our team, from the initial idea to its realization. To create a holistic experience for visitors, you need an interplay of numerous competencies and skills. This is what Attraction Design & Engineering is all about.

At the heart, there is an experienced team backed by an extensive network of specialists. In all instances, a member of our management team will be the client’s principal contact, take charge of and work passionately on the project. We ensure excellent quality and respond competently, fast and directly.

Managing Directors

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Bresinsky graduated in 1993 with his master’s thesis on “Artificial Reality – Simulation in the Entertainment Industry.” He gathered commercial experience through a position in the USA with Disney’s visual effects company Dream Quest Images. In 1997, he took over as Head of Production at the fx.Center Babelsberg’s production department, a facility for high-end digital film effects. Before starting flying saucer, Alex also worked as a freelance producer and consultant for various agencies and theme parks. He is a lecturer for Entertainment- and Show Technology at the Babelsberg Filmschool as well as being a member of the international board of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA).

Stefan Scholze, M.A. graduated in 1995 from Technical University, specializing in communication sciences, acoustics and computer science. He then worked as a freelance consultant in the field of multimedia. In 1992 he became acquainted with Pixelpark Multimedia GmbH, where he put his consultant abilities to work for a wide range of areas including technical management and concept development, programming, creative concepts and music production. Since 1996, he has worked mainly for the Strategic Research and Development department, successfully taking over technical project and production management for Pixelpark GmbH. His interest in show technology also led him to Alex’s former company LichtWerk, where he was responsible for the technical planning, programming and implementation of laser shows.

national – international – cross-cultural

Global markets are different in different places. Knowledge of regional and cultural preferences is one of the keys to the success of a new attraction for visitors. We are used to working in international, culturally diverse environments. It is a fruitful challenge for us because new and creative ideas emerge where different cultures meet.

We build bridges, supporting international companies as their local partner. For many years we have been actively involved with the European and international board of TEA (Themed Entertainment Association). Our global network enables us to bring in experts from the relevant target audiences, regions and cultural backgrounds at an early stage.

We’re doing a great job!